Strubi Cleaner

Strubi Window Shild Cleaner Sommer -5°C

Strubi Window Shild Cleaner Sommer -5°C is formulated to the latest windshield washer fluid specifications. It removes dust, oil and fat derivatives, and also contains an anti-silicone additive, which day and night, provides a clean, clear windshield.

Strubi Windowshild Cleaner Winter -20°C

Strubi Windowshild Cleaner -20°C разработан с учетом современных требований, предъявляемых к жидкостям для омывания ветровых стекол. Данное средство удаляет пыль, продукты переработки масла и жира, содержит анти-силиконовую присадку, которая очищает ветровое стекло.  

Strubi De-Icing Spray

Quick de-icing of all windows, prevents immediate re-icing.

Strubi Glas Clean

For window and glass surface cleaning, for 100% streak free and window clean surfaces. It effortlessly removes dirt and smudges, leaves one`s mark etc., No application on aluminium, or washable surfaces like waxed or untreated Wood.

Strubi Tyre shine

The Tyre shine is to intensify the colour of your car tyres. Gives your tires a well maintained and new looking. Protects tires from premature aging and against weather influences. Forms a water-and stain-repellent finish. Protects against weather influences. Prolonged care-effect.

Strubi Steel and Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

Strubi Steel and Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is strong, ready to use cleaner for steel and aluminium wheels. Effortlessly removes even the toughest dirt like brake dust, rust films, rubber abrasion or tar deposits.

Strubi universal cleaner

Strubi Universal Cleaner for all water washable surfaces. Powerfully and thoroughly dissolves grease and dirt. Protects and enhances surface cleaning Hygiene, cleanliness, gloss and a pleasant, fresh orchid smell.